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the connection.  when each identity is fully seen and we each share the gift of seeing others.  when each gift is uplifted and we each use our gifts to foster our individual and collective wellbeing.

the individual. distinct identities. unique gifts.

the collective. our shared humanity. interconnected wellbeing.




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Andrew Hong, Founder

American-born Corean.  Educator, artist, Restorative Justice practitioner, former classroom teacher, believer, builder of future realities, and steward of love and joy.  

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you are needed.

serial circles.

Circles that gather multiple times with the same group to engage more deeply in a given topic/set of interconnected topics, and to achieve a particular longer-term collective goal.

Relationships and examination of topics deepens/builds intentionally with each Circle, so each participant must share the responsibility of committing to each Circle.

Our Next Circle series:

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