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Circles are a process within the larger Restorative Justice lifestyle.


Restorative Justice

is a culture rooted in human value, connection, and trust. 

It is a culture that invests time and energy into nurturing deep relationships that run so deep, we have increased value of each other,

...a deeper understanding of our interconnectedness,

...and therefore a deeper commitment and shared responsibility to taking care of each other.


are a process where these deep relationships are made possible.  It is a sacred space of slowing down with each other, rooted in indigenous practices of deep community-building, where we move beyond judgment, hierarchy, right/wrong, and blame,

and we instead focus on building more trusting relationships through deeper listening and acknowledgement of each other's human experience.  

Circle co-creates an environment where 

deeper listening, 

deeper understanding,

deeper connection, 

deeper trust,

and deeper love

are MORE POSSIBLE.  And through deeper connection with each other, we can have an increased commitment to building loving community with each other.

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