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receive circle training.

our separateness as folx of color is a lie.

it is a lie that sustains largely because we've lacked an abundance of spaces

where we can pause and pay closer attention to each other,

where we can more fully heal and connect with each other.

but what if there was a Circle keeper on every block in every neighborhood?

what if holding Circle and building/healing community

was as standard as our day jobs?

we are inviting English-speaking and multilingual people of color who seek to become Circle keepers for their block and beyond

and who want to help grow a sustained abundance of spaces

that promote healing and connectedness among our communities.

for neighbors/individual community members

(free, funded by our merch)

for groups/


(sliding scale)

We are in no way the only entity in Chicago training Circle keepers, and we are humbly adding our gifts to the larger effort to proliferate healing and connectedness across the city. 

If you'd like to get in touch with the keepers in a specific neighborhood to request a Circle, contact us at

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